Features to help out your team

Project & Resource Planning is never a one-man-show. It's a team effort. We distinguish a number of roles because everyone has its own specific needs. We make sure they get it.

Resource Planners
Resource Planners

Resource Planners can use the Planning Board to get an instant overview of all project work that needs to be done, and available resources. They schedule people's time by dragging & dropping them (so to speak).

Project Managers
Project Managers

Project Managers use the Planning Board to manage resources and submit resource requests. They use the Gantt Chart for more complex projects. With Reports they keep track of their own project performance.


Employees keep track of their work and report their progress with the Mobile App or the iCalendar feature that links to their calendar system. With the mobile app or the Time Sheets feature, they can record the hours they actually did.


Management analyses the organization's productivity and workload with the Utilization feature. The Reports feature tells them everything about project performance on a portfolio and client level.

Planning Board

The Planning Board gives you an instant overview of all your projects and resources. You can submit resource requests and schedule resources by dragging and dropping them to projects.

  • Drag & drop
  • Multiple views
  • Resource requests
  • Repeat entry option
  • Alerts and emails
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  • Planning Board

Gantt Chart

The Gantt Chart feature is suitable for planning projects which can be broken down into activities, managing dependent activities and monitoring progress. Great to share with clients.

  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Dependencies
  • Milestones
  • Versions
  • Multi project view
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  • Gantt Chart

Mobile App

With the mobile app for iOS and Android, employees have access to their work schedules any time, everywhere. They can also submit actual spent hours and report their progress. Perfect for employees working in the field.

  • Planning
  • Navigation link
  • Shared documents
  • Progress
  • Time sheets
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  • Mobile App


The iCalendar feature embeds the resource planning into your company's calendar system. Your employees will aways have an up-to-date view at their fingertips. Great for employees working in the office.

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Google Calendar
  • Apple Calendar
  • Lotus Notes
  • Groupwise
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  • iCalendar


The Utilization feature lets you analyse productivity and gives you a comprehensive forecast of the work ahead. It helps you to analyse the productivity of your organization by department, position and individual resource, to spot staffing issues.

  • Productivity
  • Resource requests
  • Forecast
  • Threshold alerts
  • Drill down
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  • Utilization

Time Sheets

This feature has been designed to make timekeeping as quick and easy as possible. By copying planning entries, employees can really submit their weekly time sheet in less than 30 seconds.

  • Best practice input
  • Alert for due time sheets
  • Approval of time sheets
  • Alert for rejected time lines
  • Missing time sheets report
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  • Time Sheets


Invoice projects based on fixed price, actual costs or payment by instalment. You can design invoice layouts with your company logo and define how the data should be aggregated and presented on the invoice and specification.

  • Design invoice layout
  • Design specification layout
  • Edit line items
  • Edit invoice text
  • Authorize invoices
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  • Invoicing


The Reports feature gives you a 360° view of your projects, clients and project portfolio. It provides up-to-date information on all aspects of project performance, broken down in both hours and your currency of choice.

  • Reports