Office 365 Outlook integration

Where the iCalendar feature pushes the planning to an additional calendar, our Office 365 integration hooks up with your default calendar. This way you will have all your appointments and planning data in one single calendar.

Outlook Office 365

One single calendar

Updating planning bookings in the default calendar is perfect for companies where appointments and planning bookings have the same nature. The integration automatically updates the calendars.

The integration is a one-way integration: from Timewax to Outlook. When employees change planning bookings in their calendar, they will automatically be restored with the original values from Timewax.

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Additional data

In Timewax you can enter additional data in the planning bookings like location, description en remarks. Changes to the data will automatically be synced to Outlook.

Besides the essential data, for all the other fields you can define whether or not they need to be synced to Outlook. This way you can determine which information is relevant for you to share with your employees.

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Report progress

A special field to include in planning bookings is a progress link. With this link employees can report the progress by means of a percentage complete and the estimated time to complete.

The link will open their browser with a window, in which they can enter the progress information for that activity. A very simple way for employees to report progress directly from Office 365, without having to log in.

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